My primary focus is around mobile technologies, consumer products and IoT devices. I like helping other entrepreneurs strive to make a more efficient world. We're at a point where the real world is augmented with software in every way and I help bridge that gap. I can be instrumental in building a great brand supported by a strong organization. Whether it's building the product or accelerating revenue growth, I can add value to any organization quickly.

My overall leadership philosophy is to instill focus in my team that will really drive an impact in the business. While it's important to make informed data-driven decisions, real business development only happens when you can be creative about finding new opportunities. You have to dedicate enough resources to each new opportunity to realize the potential. I've helped drive revenue growth and business development for consumer products in both the eCommerce and retail venues. It's all about a dedicated strategy of aiming, firing, and adjusting on an ongoing basis. 


  • Exceptional leadership, presentation and showmanship
  • Managing engineering teams developing on Android/iOS/Linux
  • Building teams, revenue channels and sales organizations
  • Supply chain architecture, product design, engineering/prototyping
  • Fundraising, Business Modeling, FP&A
  • Advanced User on Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote
  • Digital Marketing/Advertising, eCommerce, SEO, Conversion Optimization